My Writing Community

Because our work is largely solitary, every writer needs a writing community. While solitude is essential for writers, too much of it can descend into loneliness, which is downright debilitating. The following links will take you to the organizations, inspiring blogs, and all-around great people I turn to when I need guidance, advice, assistance, inspiration, moral support, and, perhaps most important of all, wonderful writing I can get lost in. I know I’ve probably missed some and I’m always finding more, so I’ll update this page regularly. In the meantime, visit my peeps and places.   Myrl.

The Writers Union of Canada

The Writers Guild of Alberta

Creative Nonfiction Collective Society

Banff Literary Arts Program

Sage Hill Writing Experience

Peter Midgley

Kimmy Beach

Helen Moffett

Alissa York

Merilyn Simmonds

Zsuzsi Gardner

Charlotte Gill

Steven Heighton

Katherine Koller

Margaret McPherson

Angie Abdou

Joann Dionne

Kerry Clare

Shaun Hunter

Marina Endicott

Myrna Kostash