Work With Myrl

In a fog about your manuscript? I am available to work with emerging writers as a mentor and manuscript advisor. An avid reader all my life, I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I earned a PhD with a dissertation on Canadian Literature and taught English and writing at the University of Alberta for eight years, after which I left teaching to focus on my own creative writing once again. With several published books now notched on my pen, I’ve gained much experience about the ins and outs, ups and downs of the writing life as well as the editing and book publishing processes. My motivation to mentor others is selfish — I get great satisfaction from helping writers find their way to success. I also believe strongly that writers must know their craft well, so they can bend and mould the rules and tools of writing to the greatest effect.

My expertise is in prose, whether it’s creative nonfiction (memoir, personal or lyric essays, biography, literary history, social and cultural commentary) or fiction (long and short).

I tailor my services to your individual needs, whether it be an overall manuscript evaluation, a detailed analysis of the narrative, substantive editing advice (content, cohesion, readability), or all of the above. Please note that I don’t do copyediting or line-by-line proofreading.

If you are interested in working with me, send a message through the Contact page on this website. Include a short (100-200 word) blurb about yourself, a 200-300 word synopsis of your project, and a 10-page sample of your writing. I will respond as soon as possible, within a few days, no longer than a week. Please do not send me your entire manuscript until we have decided to work together.

My fees vary, depending on the project, so we will discuss the pricing structure before we start. Once we have agreed to work together, payment in full starts the process. We will begin and end with a meeting (in person or via Skype). At the first meeting, we will discuss the details: the type of feedback you want, a schedule that works for both of us, and a goal-oriented plan. The whole process will take between six weeks and three months, depending on your project. At our last meeting, we will go over what we’ve done and consider your next step.